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About CPCA

The Christian Pastoral Caregivers Association, operating out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, encompasses pastoral care service, advocacy, and education. Reaching out from a base of spiritual wholeness, we strive to be a source of compassion, comfort and hope to those we visit.


Jubilee Year

CPCA is currently taking a Jubilee Year. The purpose of the Jubilee Year is to wait in the Lord to provide direction for the future of CPCA.

During this time, we will not be accepting memberships, or offering any courses. We will resume activities at our 2023 AGM in late March.

We will continue to offer our pastoral care tips if you would like to sign up for our mailing list.


May I Sit with You Awhile?

Practicing the Basic Arts of Pastoral Care

This course is designed to prepare visitors for the Ministry of Pastoral Care in the Church. It offers pastoral care visitors the opportunity to learn and practice the basics of pastoral visiting and focuses on the needs of the people receiving care. Six workshops feature a combination of information and hands-on practice: Defining Pastoral Care; Pastoral Care Visiting; Developing Listening Skills; Grief & Loss, Ethics; Professionalism & Administration; Spiritual Practices in Pastoral Care.


Love at Last Breath:

Companioning at End of Life

This course approaches the issue of visiting with residents/patients and family in a caring, compassionate manner that goes beyond simple passing of time. The ministry of presence is a vital part of companioning. However, understanding the dynamics of how to companion in an effective way and understanding the needs of the dying person and their families are key to effective companioning.

This is an interactive seminar with opportunities to practice what you are learning.



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