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Grief Seminars  May 9 & 10, 2023

McInnis and Holloway Funeral Homes has had the pleasure of inviting Dr. Wolfelt to Calgary to share his “Companioning Philosophy” for many years.
With all the wonderful feedback we receive from participants, we are pleased to bring back the highly regarded and anticipated Dr. Alan Wolfelt this spring, May of 2023.

This year Dr. Wolfelt’s will be holding two separate seminars held on two different dates.

Dr. Wolfelt's first presentation will be dedicated to individuals and families who are grieving a loss. Dr. Wolfelt will help all of us understand how loss influences our lives, and how to navigate better through the different needs of mourning.

The second presentation is designed for Professionals within our Caregiving Community. It will help those who want to learn more about how to support anyone who has experienced loss.

Please join us at these complimentary seminars:

"Understanding your Grief: Touchstones for Hope and Healing"
"Mourning Misconceptions: Helping Mourners Replace Harmful Norms with Healing Truths'' on the dates listed below.

To register, please click selected date of the seminar you are interested in attending.

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We welcome you to pass this information along onto anyone you feel could benefit from Dr. Wolfelt’s compassionate teachings.